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Ramón Navarrete-Galiano Universidad de Sevilla
Title Viridiana: survival of the subversive surrealism in the buñuelesca narrative Summary Viridiana (1961) was one of the most controversial achievements of Luis Buñuel. The film spawned a scandal to be barred from blasphemous by the Vatican, which resulted in his ban in Spain. Yet, half a century after its premiere is a transgressor and demanding, showing approaches and surreal, items in a speech that conforms to the canons of the more traditional narrative film. Buñuel did not abandon his surrealist ideology or in films such as this, his film what became a subversive element. Analyzing influences, many galdosianas, and structure of the film we see surrealist persistence and the intent of the author. Keywords Transgression, censorship, subversion, surrealism


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n11a8


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