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Issue number: 8, January-June 2009


Silvia Burset Burillo Profesora de Didáctica de la Educación Visual y Plástica. Universidad de Barcelona. Lydia Sánchez Gómez Universidad de Barcelona.
Title Photoblogs and Teenagers: Self-Identity, Image and Text on Screen Summary In this paper we analyze the interactions among teens through photoblogs. Photoblogs are spaces in Internet where teens can express themselves through the interaction they establish with their peers. We see photoblogs as providing an environment that fosters the construction of teens’ identities through the interface. Photoblogs can also be seen as interactive spaces where the transgression exerted upon written texts, together with the presence of images, cannot be translated into other communicational spaces, and have to be taken as essential components of the sense of messages. Keywords Teenagers, photoblogs, communication, self-identity, image.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n8a6


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