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Pre-print #33, July-December 2021


Patricia Sánchez-Holgado Universidad de Salamanca, España
María Marcos Ramos Universidad de Salamanca, España
Beatriz González de Garay Domínguez Universidad de Salamanca, España
Title Gender differences regarding Spanish citizens’ perception of Data Science. Summary The aim of this article is to determine whether there are gender differences with regard to the knowledge and attitudes of Spanish citizens toward data science, as well as whether those perceptions have been altered by the pandemic. For this purpose, an online survey with closed questions was conducted with a representative sample of 1,105 male and female citizens in two waves (January and October of 2020), in order to compare the degree to which the Covid-19 pandemic had influenced such perceptions. The results show that knowledge regarding Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is moderate, being higher among men, especially in relation to Big Data. Moreover, the level of interest decreased in the second wave in both genders, which points to several gender differences with regard to the perception of benefits and risks in their application, such as the following: men perceived more benefits than women, while women generally perceived more risks with all technological applications in the first wave, yet in the second wave their perception of benefits rose to a level nearly equal to that of men. It has been observed that in the second wave, the perception of risk increased for both genders, and that the differences between the two are not significant. Keywords Gender; data science; science communication; Big Data; Artificial Intelligence.

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