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Pre-print #33, July-December 2021


Gorka Zamarreño Aramendia Universidad de Málaga, España
Elena Cruz Ruíz Universidad de Málaga, España
Claudia Hernando Nieto Universidad de Málaga, España
Title Digitalisation of Wine Tourism Experience: a literature review and practical applications Summary Technological evolution coupled with the use of ICT technologies and other digital communication resources, such as virtual reality,augmented reality and 4D technology, is transforming the tourism experience cycle. Wine tourism must adapt in order for a wine tourism experience to be unforgettable and, therefore, recommended,so it must be innovative and multisensory. A bibliometric analysis has been carried out based on the scientific literature related to the digitalization of the wine tourism experience and the use of digital communication resources. A total of 72 academic papers were examined, with the result that producers can increase the value of the hedonic experience by bringing the winery closer to the customer before, during and after the visit. A successful experience throughout the whole process leads to positive E-WOM (digital word of mouth)and to the creation of a loyal brand community. Keywords Wine tourism and virtual reality; digitalization and ITCs; tourism experience cycle; wine marketing.

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