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Laura González Díez Universidad CEU San Pablo Pedro Pérez Cuadrado Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Title La Moda elegante ilustrada and Correo de las Damas. Two Fashion Magazines in the XIX Century Summary During the XIX century, from 1829 and on, Spain suffers a specialized fashion publications proliferation. The development in communications and the transformation of printing machines, which made possible the Second Industrial Revolution, caused important changes which would affect the content and design of periodic publications. The daily publications development coincides with the one experienced by illustrated magazines, in which we should include those specialized on fashion. The birth of the Second Industrial Revolution not only transformed the world of communications but the international relations and business trade. In this sense, fashion turned to be a symbol of social standing and a way of showing social status. The aim of this communication is to analyze the formal and graphic aspects of specialized fashion publications during the XIX century in our country (Correo de las Damas, from 1833 and La Moda elegante, from 1841), focusing specially on the publications design attending to those elements such as typography, image and colour, which established visual codes that still remain nowadays. Keywords Magazine, fashion, desing, drawings, tipography, XIX Century, La Moda elegante, Correo de las Damas


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n8a3


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