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Issue number: 32, January-June 2021


Esther Pérez Nieto Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España
Title The voice in Carolina Astudillo’s essay films. Analysis of the works El Gran vuelo (2014) and Ainhoa, yo no soy esa (2018) according to Julia Kristeva’s communicative scheme Summary This article studies the voice in Carolina Astudillo’s cinema by analysing her two feature films El gran vuelo (2014) and Ainhoa, yo no soy esa (2018). Her works contain charactertistics of an essay film, such as using different techniques and materials, an asystematic discourse, and self-reflective speech. This form of filmmaking is particularly suitable for exploring themes that concern the author. We will apply the communicative scheme developed by Julia Kristeva in Semiotics (1969) to identify the different voices in these two films. Thus, we will demonstrate how the director’s voice is filtered through her characters, establishing a dialogue with them while at the same time turning it into a mirrorlike technique for self-exploration. Keywords Audio-visual essay; voice; Julia Kristeva; Carolina Astudillo; self-reflectivity.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n32a10

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