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Pre-print #31, July-December 2020


Soledad Carla Chavez Fajardo Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile, Chile
Title History of the spanish lexicon and the global web: some cases Summary We want to show in this essay the relevance of international digital media as a research corpus to make history of the Spanish lexicon. We want to present some tools such as corpus and word banks, especially elaborated for the Hispanic tradition. For example, we want to work with research projects in romanistics or hispanistics that are in the network of Anglo-Saxon, French or German universities. Or, in addition, online libraries. Precisely, in this essay we want to present some cases where the research in historical lexicology was complemented by the data provided by the total digital ecosystem. For this we will focus on two spaces of Hispanic lexicology, only: that of Romance etymology and that of the history of the Spanish American lexicon. Keywords Historical lexicology; etimology; hispanistic; romanistic; dictionaries.

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