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Manuel Martín Algarra Universidad de Navarra Mariano Navarro Arroyo Universidad de Navarra
Title Communication as a Main Social Category: An Approach to the Chicago School of Social Thought Summary Ever since the first third of the twentieth century most of the approaches toward the study of communication took place under the mass communication paradigm, which, on one hand, gave communication studies a solid empirical base that explained specific phenomena, but, at the same time, withered away the hopes of ever gaining a solid conceptual comprehensive base that coherently placed those empirical conclusions in the wider context of social science. But prior to those empirical approaches to mass communication study a coherent theoretical effort which identified communication as a basic and fundamental social category took place: it was the social thought of the Chicago School. The results of such theoretical corpus have not been fully explored by communication theory, and their careful examination invites to hope for a better comprehension of communication as a central phenomenon in both the formation and development of society. Keywords Mass Communications, Chicago School, community, pragmatism, participation, liberalism.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n8a1


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