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Marta del Riego Anta Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid, España
Title Literary resources used by Leila Guerriero in her journalistic profiles Summary The journalistic profile is one of the great genres of the New Journalism, and generally speaking, of Anglo-Saxon journalism as well. In the last three decades, the profile has experienced tremendous growth within narrative journalism in the Spanish language, and one of its contributors has been Leila Guerriero. The objective of this article is to present the literary resources that Guerriero uses in her profiles. To this end, we have carried out a content analysis of her profiles based on the categories established by Gérard Genette, as well as the literary resource analysis model of Professor Domínguez Caparrós. The results of our study have allowed us to demonstrate that Guerriero´s profiles are linked to the New Journalism of the USA, while at the same time they provide a distinct, personal vision of such journalism, in addition to an original way of writing narrative journalism that brings it closer to the domain of literature. Keywords Journalistic genres; profile; narrative journalism; the New Latin American Journalism; Leila Guerriero.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n31a9


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