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Issue number: 31, July-December 2020


María Isabel Hernández Toribio Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España
Florencia Claes Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, España
Luis Deltell Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España
Title Spanish/Castilian on Wikipedia: voices and discussion forum Summary In this research we carried out a study with quantitative and qualitative methodology of two encyclopedia entries and their respective talk pages in the Spanish version of Wikipedia. The two articles that were monitored and analyse are “Spanish language” and “Controversy over the name of the Spanish language”, whose analysis has allowed us to demonstrate the collaborative working mode of the online encyclopedia as well as to study the discussion forums that are generated in the construction of these entries. In this way, we analyse some of the aspects of typical user behaviour on virtual forums and the (im)politeness strategies used most frequently in the discussions that the encyclopedia itself promotes for its own development. Our results show how Spanish Wikipedia is a working environment that strives to keep progressing in its aim to produce rigorous and effective results, by providing an endogenous structure that acts as a filter/manager of content and ways of expression. We will also verify how discussions about the construction of these entries show elements of impoliteness occurring in interactions between users and editors, which denotes an attitude that is at variance with the rules of behaviour specified by the digital encyclopedia (the so-called “five pillars” of Wikipedia). Keywords Wikipedia; Spanish; collaborative work; discussion; (im)politeness.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n31a14


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