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Carlos Fanjul-Peyró Universitat Jaume I Cristina González Oñate Universitat Jaume I Francisco Cabezuelo Lorenzo Universidad de Valladolid
Title Key-Elements for Characters Realism in TV Series. A case-study focused on ‘Glee’ Summary The physical appearance and artifacts are nonverbal components that develop a critical role in the definition of roles and personalities of audiovisual fiction characters. Taking into consideration that the base of first impressions, and the communicative value of personal appearance, is the result of visible signs as physical appearance (body shape, physical attractiveness), artifacts that are used to transform it (clothing, hairstyles, make-up and accessories) and the exposed behavior, TV series will set this clear from a very beginning. It is obvious that in television these elements are carefully taken in order to offer to the audience, from the first episode, a clearly and a defined image of the roles. It will play such a big influence on each performance and character. Therefore, this article –with an ‘ad hoc’ methodology– studies these previous aspects analyzing one by one each of the characters of successful television drama series Glee. It takes the case-study and content analysis as chosen methodology. It has obtained several awards and a great audience success. Keywords Physical appearance, artifacts, nonverbal communication, casting, credibility, Glee.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n20a8


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