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Juan Orellana Gutiérrez de Terán Universidad CEU San Pablo
Title Michael Haneke. The nostalgia of redemption at his “glaciations trilogy” Summary Michael Haneke is considered to be one of the most critical European filmmakers in capitalist development. In his first three films, known as The Glaciations Trilogy, he supports the foundation of his later career. Behind his critical approach, one may find a sense of nostalgia for some kind of liberation, for anthropological and social redemption. In this work, there is an analysis of the film's metaphors through the trilogy, that can be understood as an integral and consistent semantical and epistemological framework. This article will conclude that this trilogy, not only describes the disordered situation of morality and anthropology in postmodern society, but it also reveals the desire and need of a way out in a restorative sense. Keywords Haneke, redemption, violence, suicide, nostalgia.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n20a5


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