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Cristina González Díaz Universidad de Alicante Jesús Ángel López Ramón Universidad de Alicante
Title The influence of food advertising to children: previous and current research Summary Nowadays there is a constant increase in the number of current newsitems showing the type of products that food advertising targetted specifically to children tries to introduce, such as high-calorie products with high sugar and salt level contents, products which are not highly recommendable in children's diet. At the same time, academic research on the presuasive power and the abiilty to influence this particular type of children advertising possesses is constantly being published. In this contexts, this article attempts to revise the most significant academic studies that have investigated the possible relationship between food advertising aimed at children and the problems of obesity; or else, the influence the advertising of this specific sector might have on the intake of unhealthy food. Keywords Advertising; children; food industry; obesity; influence


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n17a5


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