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Issue number: 17, July-December 2013


Maialen Garmendia Larrañaga Universidad del País Vasco Miguel Ángel Casado del Río Universidad del País Vasco Gemma Martínez Fernández Universidad del País Vasco Carmelo Garitaonandia Garnacho Universidad del País Vasco
Title Parents, minors and the internet. Parental mediation strategies in Spain. Summary New technologies, and particularly the internet, mean a new challenge for parent's education activity in the last decade. This article tries to show the way parents cope with this responsibility through using different strategies in order to mediate their children's use of the internet. The results shown have been drawn from data gathered by teh survey carried by the EU Kids Online network in Spain. This survey interviewed 1.024 children aged between 9 and 16 and one of his/her parents, "the one who was more involved in the child's online activity". The addresses of the families surveyed were randomly selected using Random Walk Procedures. Both, child and his/her mother or father were interviewed face-to-face and the children answered also a self completion questionnaire for sensitive questions concerning online risks. The key findings show that active strategies-related to the child's use of internet as well as the child's internet safetly -and restrictive strategies-basically related to the child's privacy issues-are very widely used among Spanish parents, whereas technical or monitoring strategies' use is very scarce. Keywords Mediation; internet; minors; parents; media literacy


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n17a4


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