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Jorge Gallardo Universidad Camilo José Cela Eva Margarita Gallardo Universidad de Málaga
Title Musical analysis of Star Wars: the new symphonic music and use of leitmotif Summary This research analyzes the use of music by composer John Williams in the movie Star Wars (1977) directed by George Lucas. This analysis contextualizes and relates to how Star Wars film impulsed the use of new symphonism in the music contemporary cinema. The authors make a brief review of theoretical and historical birth of the new symphonism by Williams in the late 70`s. And they also take the audiovisual and musical knowledge in their respective areas to analyze in detail the use of music in the film by George Lucas: the main leitmotiv, synchronization, time and the classification of music on and off. The study concludes that musical presence and the leitmotif uses add an important and essential narrative part to Star Wars film. From this moment, the composer takes an important role in the construction of the audiovisual narrative Keywords cinema; film; symphonic; soundtrack; music; George Lucas; John Williams; Star Wars


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n17a3


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