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Issue number: 17, July-December 2013


Jorge Clemente Mediavilla Universidad Complutense de Madrid Javier Domínguez Martínez Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Title The decline of the business of premium rate services in Spanish TV Summary For mor than a decade now, Spanish television networks have been offering all kinds of services purchables with mobile telephones, by sending SMS Premium messages or making a Premium Rate telephone call. However, the marketing of these services has decreased significantly. In the decline of this business, a major role has been played by the appereance of improtant new legislation, which was written specifically with the aim of regulating de sector of Premium Rate Services (PRS). This paper presents a detailed analysis of the modification of lwas as the main cause for that decline, and it also offers an account of other factors which have also contributed to the process, in a deep content analysis, of TV programmes and legal texts. Keywords Television; Interactivity; Premium Rate Services; SMS Premium; Spanish Regulation


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n17a2


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