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Issue number: 17, July-December 2013


Cristina González Oñate Universitat Jaume I Patricia Monleón López Universitat Jaume I
Title The intangibles management in the Corporate Communication Department. Study about the DirCom in UK organisations Summary In recent decades progress in and the consolidation of the figure of the Director of Communication (DirCom) have been achieved in european organisations, particularly in the United Kingdom. The new socio-economic setting experts the DirCom figure to be redefined, and tasks relating to intangibles management to be reinforced more than other classical and more typical tasks for the DirCom. Business intangibles are factors which operate in the competitive setting, and Corporate Communication has become an ideal strategic discipline to manage them. This work presents the most significant results obtained in the research work conducted into the state of managing intangibles in the UK Corporate Communication Managements. Keywords Dircom; United Kingdom; research; corporate; management; intangibles


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n17a1


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