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Doxa Comunicación wants to be an effective and exclusive channel for theoretical, conceptual and cognitive exchanges between researchers in the Social Science and Communication fields. The journal has a strong international focus and aspires to be a proving ground for precision, independence, judgement and interdisciplinary dialogue. The journal is published in Spanish and English with two issues per year, January-June and July-December, and it appears in digital format, is open, universal and free of charge. It applies editorial criteria with the utmost rigour of scientific publications, and guarantees external review by specialists of each subject through the blind peer system. Doxa Comunicación is constantly endeavouring to increase the impact, visibility and dissemination of research and the authors who entrust their work to us.


Doxa Comunicación
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Magdalena Mut Camacho
Maria Soler-Campillo, Esteban Galán-Cubillo, Javier Marzal-Felici
María Díez-Garrido
Alba Córdoba-Cabús, Manuel García-Borrego
Antonio Cuartero, Aida María de Vicente Domínguez, Francisco Báez de Aguilar González
Begoña Sanz Garrido
Enrique Cobos Urbina
Salvador De León Vázquez
Marta del Riego Anta
Ana L. Cea Navas, Sergio García Rubio



The digital ecosystem: a corpus study of the Spanish language

Monograph coordinated by Professors Pilar Fernández Martinéz, Universidad CEU San Pablo and Mª Concepción Maldonado González, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Pilar Fernández Martínez, Mª Concepción Maldonado González
Francisco Manuel Carriscondo-Esquivel, Amina El-Founti Zizaoui
Gabriel Eduardo Alvarado Pavez
María Isabel Hernández Toribio, Florencia Claes, Luis Deltell
Carmen González Gómez
Ana Mancera Rueda, Paz Villar-Hernández
Lucia Ballesteros-Aguayo, Francisco Javier Escobar Borrego
Raquel Hidalgo Downing
Ana Pano Alamán
Soledad Chavez Fajardo

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